William Baner’s Profiles of Profitability

The following examples of performance and creativity will serve to categorically summarize an abbreviated profile of properties purchased, newly constructed, rehabilitated, managed and owned by Mr. Baner.  There are others, however, too numerous to be summarized here.

These are typical examples of what Baner Financial Interest’s personalized advisory services can provide for you and your own respective projects or plans.

Featured Properties owned, managed, rehabilitated or sold:


1.Low Income Section 8, subsidized 236 Insured, 140 unit, Multi-family Housing
Conversion – Union City:
– Ground up rehabilitation over 10 year term
– Personally lobbied Senators and Congressman in Washington D.C.
Dirkson Building to get low income cooperative conversion rights and
Title 6, Federal Grant approvals
– Sold to Low Income Tenants as “first time home buyers”
– Building Purchased $4,200,000
– Sold $9,100,000


2.Commercial San Francisco Parking Garages
– Provided a strategic plan to convert a portion of a 309 Car Parking garage to preferred condominium parking and exclusive ownership rights for current condominium resident owners.


3.Converted San Francisco retail rental building into office and retail commercial condominium units.
– Completed a 100% rehabilitation to become code compliant luxury property.
Building purchased $1,650,000
Now Valued $24,000,000


4.Obtained development rights and subsequently constructed a 60 Unit Ritz – Carlton style, Senior Condominium complex – San Mateo
Land Purchased $2,300,000
Sold $38,000,000


5.Roof Top Condominium Conversion – San Francisco
– Converted Roof Section For Satellite – Telecom Use
– Created Condominium sites for multiple carriers
Cost to convert $50,000
Now Valued $802,000


6.Converted San Francisco Office Rental building into tech friendly Condominium Offices and retail restaurant condominiums
Building Purchased $1,650,000
Valued $26,250,000


7. Marin Office Building Rehabilitation and Financial Turn-Around
Building Purchased $3,100,000
Sold $5,350,000

8.San Francisco Marina Apartment Building
– Bought “Red Tagged”
Rehabilitation and Red-tenanted
Building Purchased $890,000
Sold $8,000,000