Properties that Mr. Baner has either acquired, managed, and sold on behalf of Metro-Dyne or other partners are as follows:

Purchase DateTypeNameSizeValue ($)Location
1976Apts. Evergreen Gardens140 Units$7,700.000San Bruno, CA
1977Apts. Colonial Gardens200 Units$13,000,000Santa Clara, CA
1977Apts. Carlton Place206 Units$14,500,000Belleview, WA
1977Apts. Century 96299 Units$7,475,000Tacoma, WA
1977Apts. Vista Oaks 85 Units $2,200,000 Tacoma, WA
1978Apts. Pinto Apartments 42 Units$840,000Tacoma, WA
1978Apts. Court I200 Units$5,400,000Federal Way, WA
1978Apts. Court II150 Units$4,125,000Federal Way, WA
1979Apts. Braeswood300 Units$6,300,000Houston, TX
1979Apts. Southwest262 Units $5,760,000Houston, TX
1979Apts. Continental165 Units $2,880,000Oklahoma City, OK
1979Apts. Summerset 205 Units$3,790,000Oklahoma City, OK
1980Apts. Amberwood47 Units$611,000Oklahoma City, OK
1980Apts. Mayridge100 Units$1,500,000Oklahoma City, OK
1980Apts. McArthur Park136 Units$2,518,000Oklahoma City, OK
1980Apts. Foxcroft295 Units$5,450,000Oklahoma City, OK
1981Apts. Spanish Oaks 110 Units$1,980,000Oklahoma City, OK
1981 Apts. Birchcreek280 Units$14,500,000Santa Clara, CA
1982Apts. Marina Playa272 Units$18,500,000Santa Clara, CA
1982Apts. Points West299 Units$17,950,000Pacifica, CA
1983Apts. Greenbrook 300 Units$18,500,000 San Mateo, CA
1984Apts. Wilshire Blvd. Offices25,000 Sq. Ft.$29,500,000Los Angeles, CA
1985Apts. Los Robles140 Units$3,750,000Union City, CA
1988Apts. Casa Del Sol440 Units$5,100,000Huntington Beach, CA