The Principal of BFI

The Principal of BFI

William B. Baner, Principal of BFI

The Principal of Baner Financial Interests has weathered over eight recessions, negotiated and successfully turned around more properties, forecasted more market bubbles and booms than most of our local colleagues.

William B. Baner has been an integral participant in the real estate industry since his career beginnings 49 years ago in 1966. His prior experience after attending Florida State University was over four years in the United States Marine Corps of which 2 of these 4 years was with the U.S. Embassy, Classified Security, U.S. Department of State, Managua, Nicaragua.


William Baner’s experience and credentials are wide ranged but focused on the finance and real estate industry. He is California State licensed and has actively built upon major real estate and finance professional trades with special focus on the foundational building blocks of real estate practice. This allowed him to accumulate the broad based and well rounded experience required so very necessary in today’s Real Estate Industry environment.

San Francisco California Real Estate licensed
Current: Baner Financial Interests
Chief Financial Officer
Previous: U.S. Marine Corps
Education: Florida State University